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Your tenancy will terminate on 
(Not less than 7 days, 11 days if served by mail ONLY from Date of Service)
This Notice is being given because of a violation of (1) the Rental Agreement, (2) Tenant(s) duties specified in ORS 90.325, or (3) the obligation to pay Rent, as follows:
If this violation can be cured, you must cure it by this date:
*If the violation is ongoing, the Remedy Date must be at least 4 days, 8 days if the Notice is served by mail ONLY, from the Date of Service. If the violation was conduct that was a separate and distinct act that is not ongoing or sufficiently repetitive over time that it could be considered ongoing, the date can be as early as the Date of Delivery of the Notice or 4 days from the Date of Service if served by First Class Mail ONLY.
Remedies for this/these violation(s) include: 
If Tenant(s) satisfactorily cure(s) the violation, the Agreement will not terminate. If Tenant(s) do/does not satisfactorily cure the violation, the Rental Agreement will terminate on the date set forth above and Tenant(s) must vacate the Rental Unit by that date.

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