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Owner/Agent hereby serves you:
of the termination of your tenancy.
(34 days or 64 days or 94 days if served by mail only)
Your tenancy is being terminated and you must vacate the Rental Unit you now occupy no later than 11:59 p.m. (end of day) on

This notice is given without stated cause and is allowable based on the following:

The Dwelling Unit is contained within a property on the same tax lot as that occupied as a primary residence by the Property Owner and the property contains no more than two Dwelling Units. Landlords who own two units occupying the same tax lot where the Landlord occupies one unit as their primary residence, may provide a minimum of 60-Days’ Written Notice of Termination for No-cause for that specific Rental Property, even after the first year of occupancy.

Owner/Agent may also terminate a tenancy that meets this exception with 30-Days’ Written Notice, if the Landlord has accepted an offer to purchase from a buyer who intends in good faith to occupy the Tenant’s Rental Unit as their primary residence. The Landlord must provide the notice and written evidence of the Offer to Purchase the unit to the Tenant not more than 120 days after accepting the Offer to Purchase.


If your Termination Date is not at the end of your Rental Period, and you have not paid a Last Month’s Rent Deposit, you will owe Rent for a partial month.

Your prorated Rent from 
OPTIONAL: Owner/Agent, MAY but is not required to, include an explanation of the reason(s) for the termination. If an explanation is included, this notice is still given without stated cause. Tenant does not have a right to cure the reason(s) for the termination and reinstate the tenancy and Owner/Agent need not prove the reason(s) for termination in a court action.

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