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The refund of your Deposit will be based, in part, on cleaning the following items after moving out:



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Other considerations:

  • At the time of move out, secure the unit and return all house keys, mail, pool or other access keys and/or fobs and garage door openers to:
    Failure to return keys or access fobs/openers may result in additional Charges for Rent or re-keying the access points. If you have lost any of these items, please notify Owner/Agent immediately.
  • Report any needed repairs, i.e., leaks, drips, caulking, or malfunctioning appliances.
  • If there are tenant-made alterations, consult with Owner/Agent well in advance to determine whether alteration needs to be returned to original condition or if change may remain.
  • 10-year lithium batteries must be present and working in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Tenant(s) will be charged for replacement of regular 9V batteries. Any alarms that are missing or removed, or for which batteries have been removed, shall incur a Fee of $250 per alarm.
  • If any belongings are left at property after the transfer of possession, Tenant(s) may be charged for storage and/or disposal.
  • Once possession has been transferred to Owner/Agent, Tenant(s) will not be allowed to return to the property without the permission of Owner/Agent for any reason, including retrieval of items left behind, additional cleaning, or repairs.
  • If Tenant(s) fails to clean the property or causes damages, the Owner/Agent may charge Rent for loss of use for the time it takes to prepare the unit to rentable condition.
  • Owner/Agent may charge a reasonable hourly rate for their own performance of cleaning or repairs as allowed by law.
  • The final accounting of any Deposits Paid will occur within 31 days after the last Tenant moves out of the Rental Unit or the Date of Termination, whichever is later. Tenant is responsible to provide a forwarding address.

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