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The following notice is provided to you relating to the
installation and use of portable cooling devices.
For purposes of this notice:

"Extreme Heat Event" means a day on which the National Weather Service (NWS) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted or indicated that there exists a heat index of extreme caution for the county where you reside. Information regarding days with an Extreme Heat Event can be found by visiting your local NWS website.

"Air Conditioner" refers to any portable cooling device, including self-contained removable Air Conditioners and evaporative coolers free standing or window mounted; but not including devices where the installation or use requires alteration to the Dwelling Unit.

Restrictions on Installation and Use

Tenant(s) shall not install or use any Air Conditioner that would:

  1. Violate building codes or state or federal law.
  2. Violate the device manufacturer’s written safety guidelines for the device.
  3. Damage the premises or render the premises uninhabitable.
  4. Require amperage to power the device that cannot be accommodated by the power service to the building, Dwelling Unit, or electrical circuit.
  5. Utilize a permanent utility connection (i.e., hard-wired or plumbed).
  6. Interfere with the ability to lock a window that is accessible from the outside.
  7. Be installed in any window necessary for your egress from the Dwelling Unit.
  8. Require the use of brackets or other hardware that would damage or void the warranty of the window or frame.
  9. Puncture the envelope of the building or otherwise cause significant damage, including removal of or damage to historical architectural features.

Additional Installation Requirements

  1. The device must be installed in a manner that prevents risk of it falling.
  2. The device must allow adequate drainage or wastewater control systems to prevent damage to the Dwelling Unit or building.
  3. The device (check all that apply):


  1. Tenant(s) is solely responsible for all costs associated with the proper installation, removal, and operation of the Air Conditioner.
  2. Tenant(s) is fully responsible for any damage caused by the Air Conditioner.
  3. Owner/Agent is immune from liability for any claim for damages, injury or death caused by an Air Conditioner installed by the Tenant(s).
  4. Owner/Agent is not responsible for any interruption in electrical service that is not caused by the Owner/Agent, including, but not limited to electrical overload.

Community Cooling Spaces

Owner/Agent (check one) 
intend to operate, whenever there is an Extreme Heat Event for the county of the premises, one or more community cooling spaces available to Tenant(s) that are located on or near the premises and that maintain a temperature not higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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