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Agreement Terms

  • The property you are leasing utilizes a septic system to process waste and waste water from the Dwelling Unit. This information is provided to help residents avoid damaging the waste system.
  • Only the three P's should go down the waste pipes: pee, poop, paper (toilet paper, of course).
  • No food waste
  • No oil
  • No feminine hygiene products
  • No grease
  • No "flushable" wipes
  • No bleach (Oxiclean is an acceptable fabric whitening product that will not damage the system.)
  • No baby wipes
  • No chemicals of any kind
  • No paper towels
  • No prescription medications

  • Water usage is key to septic management
  • Sending too much waste water into the septic system at one time dilutes the beneficial bacteria that help break down the waste, so space out bathing and laundry activities to avoid diluting the bacteria in the system.
  • Flushing additives into the septic system to help initiate bacterial breakdown is not necessary and may contribute to the failure of the system. Do not dump sour milk, raw meat, or any other substance down the drain in an effort to increase bacteria. The only product that can have a beneficial effect is Rid X, but it's really not necessary if the rules listed above are followed.
Septic Diagram

If waste is backing up in the toilet or any other drain, Tenant(s) agree(s) to stop using the system and notify Owner/Agent immediately.

Damage caused by failure to abide by these instructions will result in charges for repair being passed to Tenant(s) for payment.

Please Note: Signature fields must be filled in and signed by all parties after printing.

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