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Agreement Terms

Use of Wood-Burning Fireplaces and Stoves

  • Open damper fully when starting a fire. Close damper as needed once fire is established to retain heat
  • Do not use accelerants to start fires, use minimal amount of newspaper and kindling as needed
  • Only burn dry, seasoned wood
  • Do not burn trash, pallets, paper, plastic, junk mail or household items at any time
  • Do not let ashes build up in the firebox
  • Do not chop wood on hearth

  • Owner/Agent certifies that fireplace, pellet stove or woodstove system has been professionally cleaned and inspected prior to tenancy, and is safe for normal use at the time of commencement of tenancy.
  • Should Tenant(s) opt to use the system, they agree to have the system professionally cleaned and inspected at least once per year by a certified professional, and provide documentation to Owner/Agent.
  • Tenant(s) agree to have the system professionally cleaned and inspected prior to vacating the unit and proof provided to Owner/Agent, or such service shall be performed and cost billed to Tenant(s).
  • If any component of the fireplace or woodstove does not pass inspection, or any defect is noted upon use, Tenant(s) shall stop using the system and notify Owner/Agent immediately.
Fireplace Diagram

Use of Pellet Stoves

  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully
  • Buy quality pellets
  • Store pellets properly away from water and soil
  • Only burn clean, dry pellets
Pellet Stove Diagram

Fire Safety

  • Do not leave fires unattended
  • Keep spark screens in place at all times when burning to prevent embers from exiting the firebox
  • Keep pets and children away from the system at all times
  • Clean ashes regularly and dispose of safely by placing ashes in a metal container set outside for 48 hours before disposal to ensure all embers are extinguished
  • Firewood must be stored at least two feet from residence to avoid pest infestations and damage to siding
  • No rotting firewood may be stored on the property at any time
Wood Stove Diagram

Tenant(s) agrees to accept responsibility for damage caused to well system due to failure to abide by these instructions.

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