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For Houses & Duplexes:

  • 1) Cover all foundation vents: These are the holes around the perimeter of the house. They should be blocked off to stop wind and cold from getting under the house and to the pipes. Snug-fitting cardboard works very well for this. DO NOT LEAVE COVERS ON VENTS FOR PROLONGED PERIODS, only during the cold spell. Ventilation is necessary to prevent moisture damage to the building and furnishings.
  • 2) Disconnect all outside hoses, hose splitters & water features: (i.e. Hot Tubs, Fountains, etc.) All should be disconnected and drained before winter/freezing temperatures begin. Please double check when the temperature drops below 26°. This allows proper draining of the pipes and prevents freeze damage. It's also a good idea to purchase a cold weather faucet cover or wrap the faucet with rags/newspaper and secure with string/rubber bands when the outside temp drops below freezing. If water flows from behind the wall, the faucet is broken. Turn off water, discontinue use, and notify Owner/Agent immediately. Tenant(s) will be responsible for any subsequent cost.
  • 3) Washing machine faucets: There are usually two short rubber pieces of hose from your faucet to your washing machine. Disconnect these from your machine and run them into the drain pipe in the wall. This will allow you to leave both faucets trickling.
  • 4) Locate your water shut-off valve: It is a good idea to know the location of the water shut-off valve well in advance of severe weather. If you cannot locate the valve, contact your utility company.

For all Units, When Temperature is Below 26°:

  • 1) Keep all water inside the building running: It is important to keep water moving in all of the water pipes to prevent freezing. It requires more than just a drop. Keep the stream approximately the width of a pencil lead (both hot and cold) from every faucet when outside temperatures are 26°, and below. If you are worried about wasting hot water, turn off the electric breaker to your hot water heater. Put a string through the flapper of your toilet to keep water flowing there.
  • 2) Leave the heat on: Heat should be kept at a minimum of 62°. Open cupboards doors under sinks and leave them open as long as temperature is below freezing to allow some heat near the pipes.
  • 3) Notify Owner/Agent during extended winter absences: If you are going to be gone for longer than a couple of days when freezing temperatures are possible, please notify Owner/Agent so appropriate measures can be taken.

If Your Pipes Freeze:

  • 1) Locate water shut-off valve for unit and discontinue use (when applicable).
  • 2) Turn off breakers to hot water.
  • 3) Open all water lines, including outside faucets.
  • 4) Notify
  • Get heat on them to speed up the thawing process. This can be accomplished using:
  • 1) A heat lamp.
  • 2) A space heater.
  • 3) A blow dryer.
  • Do not leave any of the above unattended for any period of time and NO OPEN FLAMES ON ANY PIPES AT ANYTIME! Should damage occur due to the Tenant(s) failing to follow these instructions, the cost for repair shall be placed upon the Tenant(s), unless the damage is a result of an act of God.


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