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Agreement Terms

  • Owner/Agent has inspected the Dwelling Unit Unit prior to occupancy and knows of no infestation of pests or bedbugs in the Dwelling Unit Unit. It is the responsibility of the Tenant(s) to use proper housekeeping techniques and preventative measures to maintain a pest-free Dwelling Unit Unit.
  • Tenant(s) responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Report any pest activity to Owner/Agent upon discovery
  • Report any maintenance issues to Owner/Agent upon discovery
  • Inspect all items brought into Dwelling Unit for pests and bedbugs, especially used items
  • Regularly clean all surfaces of Dwelling Unit, cleaning up any spills or messes right away
  • Vacuum carpet at least once a week
  • Take trash and recycling to dumpster/receptacles daily
  • Keep all food covered or in containers when not being eaten, including pet or assistance animal food
  • Do laundry regularly not allowing it to accumulate into larges piles, wash bedding on a regular basis
  • Do not have large accumulations of any items in the Dwelling Unit or garage, store excess items in a storage unit facility

  • Tenant(s) may be charged for pest control if Owner/Agent determines Tenant(s) improper housekeeping or lack of prevention is the cause of the infestation.
  • Tenant(s) will allow and not interfere with Owner/Agent's chosen method of pest control.
  • Tenant(s) are responsible for preparing the Dwelling Unit for pest control appointments, with proper notice given according to Oregon law, by doing the following:
  • Following any special instructions given to Tenant(s) by pest control contractors or Owner/Agent
  • Emptying and cleaning all cabinets
  • Removing non-furniture items from floor, under beds and closets
  • Removing all people and pets from unit during and after treatment (usually 3-4 hours)
  • Covering all fish tanks and turning off air pumps during and after treatment (usually 3-4 hours)
  • Putting any food in air tight containers during treatment

  • Tenant(s) will be responsible for any costs occurred by Owner/Agent or retreatments due to the Tenant(s) not properly preparing the Dwelling Unit for pest control appointments.


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