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[Tenant] Please choose from the following options for lease renewal.

If no choice is made Option 1 (one) will be effective on: 
(no less than 90 days from the date served or 94 days if mailed ONLY, including the date of service)

[Tenant] To accept Options 2 or 3, all Tenant(s) must have signed a new lease agreement by the date above.

Please contact Owner/Agent timely to make arrangements.

Option 1: Lease converts to Month-to-Month, with a rent increase amount of 
, effective on 

Option 2: Lease will renew for
 months beginning 
 and ending 
, with a rent increase amount of 
, effective on 

Option 3: Lease will renew for another year beginning 
 and ending 
, with a rent increase amount of 
, effective on 

Your utility charge will be increased from 
, effective 

Rent increases must be served to each affected party and may not exceed 7% plus the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the West Coast, annually, unless exempt. Information on the current limits can be found at: https://www.oregon.gov/das/OEA/Pages/Rent-stabilization.aspx

Properties whose certificate of occupancy was effective within the past 15 years are exempt.

The facts supporting that exemption are: 
, and documentation (such as a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy) has been included with this notice.

Please Note: Signature field must be filled in and signed after printing.

Owner/Agent Signature:   Date:

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