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Tenant(s) listed above agree the Temporary Occupant(s) listed above may reside in the rental unit for the time period specified. By the signatures below, all lawful Tenants give their approval for this temporary addition to the rental unit. At the end of the specified time period, Temporary Occupant(s) is/are required to vacate the rental unit unless the agreement has been extended or renewed, or if all parties agree to the addition of Temporary Occupant(s) to the rental agreement.

Temporary Occupant(s) may occupy Tenant(s) rental unit only so long as the Tenant(s) permit(s). Tenant(s) may revoke that permission at any time without cause, with 24 hours written notice. Temporary Occupant(s) is/are not a Tenant, does not have the rights of a Tenant, and does not have the right to occupy the rental unit to the exclusion of others.

Temporary Occupant(s) agree(s) to obey all rules that apply to the property. Owner/Agent may terminate this agreement only for a material violation of the Agreement, with 24 hours written notice. Temporary Occupant(s) do/does not have the right to cure any such violation. If this Agreement is terminated, Temporary Occupant(s) agree(s) to move out immediately.

If the tenancy between Tenant(s) and Owner/Agent is a month-to-month tenancy and is not subject to ORS 90.505 through 90.840, Tenant(s) and Owner/Agent continue to have the right to terminate the tenancy as provided in ORS 90.427 or 90.429. This agreement, unless amended or renewed, ends on the date noted above.


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