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This agreement is made by the Tenant listed above and the Owner/Agent listed below. The rights of the Tenant under this agreement ends when the tenancy ends. This agreement authorizes the Tenant to park only the Vehicle(s) listed above on the premises and only to the extent Tenant complies with all of the terms of this agreement. Owner/Agent is not responsible for Tenant’s possessions in the vehicle(s). Owner/Agent has provided Tenant with a sticker, tag, or other device (“tag”) that must be displayed as provided above.

Tenant understands and agrees that the tow company listed above is authorized to tow immediately – without notice – any vehicle that is not in full compliance, including proper display of the tag, with this agreement. Owner/Agent may assess a $50 noncompliance fee after an initial written Warning Notice, for a second violation, and $50 plus 5% of the rent amount for any subsequent violations that occur within one year of the original Warning Notice. The Tenant’s rights under this agreement, including use of the tag, are not transferable. Consideration for this agreement is included in the rent. Tenant agrees to comply with all Oregon motor vehicle laws, traffic laws, and posted signs. Speed limit in the parking area is 5 mph. Vehicles must yield right of way to pedestrians. Tenant agrees to keep vehicle licensed and insured. Tenant agrees not to conduct vehicle repairs (including changing oil), leave vehicle in a state of disrepair, or allow vehicle to discharge any waste, oil, fuel, noxious fumes, or hazardous material. Tenant is responsible for cleaning any such discharge, and will be charged for any clean-up costs.

If your vehicle doesn’t have the tag properly displayed, blocks fire lanes or access to dumpsters or emergency vehicles; is parked unlawfully in a handicapped space or where parking is not allowed; or is otherwise in violation of these rules, it may be towed without further notice to you.

Parking is first come/first serve. Parking is only allowed where striped or otherwise marked for parking.


Please Note: Field below may be initialed by the Tenant after printing.

Unless initialed by Tenant here [ ___ ], the tow company may tow any car in this space other than Tenant's vehicle identified above.

Visitor Parking
Visitor parking is identified as follows:
(i.e., in spaces marked for visitors, visitor sticker available from office)

Please Note: Signature fields must be filled in and signed by all parties after printing.

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Tenant Date   Tenant Date
Tenant Date   Tenant Date
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