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  1. Purpose of this Agreement: Both parties benefit from a smoke/vape-free environment. The Owner/Agent expects lower maintenance and cleaning costs and a reduced likelihood of fire. The Tenant expects to be exposed to less smoke or vapor, including secondhand smoke or vapor.
  2. Definitions: “Smoking/Vaping” means inhaling, exhaling, breathing, carrying, or disposing of any lighted cigar, cigarette, or other tobacco product or similar substance, including marijuana.
  3. Agreement: Tenant agrees to prohibit Smoking/Vaping in the Tenant’s dwelling unit or, except as provided in Section 9 below, anywhere on the premises. Except as provided in Section 8 below, Owner/Agent agrees to prohibit Smoking/Vaping in the common areas, including the grounds. Tenant(s) further agree to properly dispose of Smoking/Vaping waste in a safe and reasonable manner.
  4. Tenant’s Duties: Tenant will inform household members and visitors of this No Smoking/Vaping Policy. Tenant will enforce this policy in the Tenant’s residence and on household members and visitors elsewhere on the premises. Tenant(s) will report to Owner/Agent in writing any incident of smoke or vapor migrating into Tenant’s residence or any observed violation of the No Smoking/Vaping Policy.
  5. Owner/Agent’s duties: Owner/Agent may post No Smoking/Vaping signs around the premises so that residents, guests, and visitors will be warned that smoking is prohibited on the premises.
  6. No warranty: Owner/Agent does not warrant the premises will be free of smoke/vapor or second-hand smoke/vapor. Owner/Agent does not warrant that air quality in the dwelling unit will be higher than in any other rental property. Owner/Agent is not a guarantor of Tenant’s health.
  7. Material Breach: A violation of this agreement by the Tenant is a material violation of the rental agreement and constitutes cause for termination under ORS 90.392.
  8. Noncompliance Fees: Owner/Agent may charge a Noncompliance Fee of $250 for subsequent violations of this agreement that occur 24 hours after the issuance of a Written Warning Notice as allowed by ORS 90.302, for smoking or vaping in a clearly designated non-smoking/vaping unit or area of the premises.
9) Areas where Smoking/Vaping is allowed: 

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