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  • Tenant(s):
  • Tenant(s):
  • Address: Unit:
  • City: , OREGON Zip:


As of DATE: ____________________________ TIME: ___________ ___a.m. ___p.m.


Notice to vehicle owner:
For one or more of the following reasons this vehicle is subject to being towed away within 72 hours at your expense:

  • ___ Parking improperly
  • ___ Blocking access to the garbage areas
  • ___ Parking in "no parking" or restricted zone
  • ___ Blocking entrance to building or driveway (fire department regulation)
  • ___ Not registered as resident's vehicle
  • ___ Not in acceptable condition:
  • ___ Failure to display parking device (sticker, tag, etc.)
  • ___ Other:

If you are on a fixed-term lease, be advised your landlord has the option to terminate your tenancy at the end of your lease if you have received three or more notices for noncompliance (including non-payment of rent) within a 12-month period preceding the end of the fixed term. Owner/Agent may terminate the tenancy by issuing a 90-day notice prior to the lease end date, or 90 days prior to the date designated in the notice, whichever is later. Correcting the third or subsequent violation is not a defense to the termination. This is your ___ violation in the last 12 months.

Owner/Agent Signature: ___________________________ Date: __________________

  • Owner/Agent:
  • Address:
  • City: , State: Zip:
  • Telephone: Email:

Failure to remove vehicle within 72 hours of posting may result in towing of vehicle. Vehicle owner is responsible for all towing and storage charges assessed by towing company.

Owner/Agent does not waive the right to terminate by simultaneously or subsequently served notices.


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