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FORM #3 - Pet Agreement

  • Tenant(s):
  • Tenant(s):
  • Address: Unit:
  • City: , OREGON Zip:

Additional Charges

  • Additional Security Deposit for Keeping Pet(s) $ _____
  • Additional Rent Per Month for Keeping Pet(s) $ _____

Description of Pet(s)

Photo of each pet must be attached

  1. Type/Breed _______________ Name __________ Size _______ Age ______ Weight ______ Color _______ License Number: __________ Spayed/Neutered: __ Yes __ No Vaccinations: __ Yes __ No
  2. Type/Breed _______________ Name __________ Size _______ Age ______ Weight ______ Color _______ License Number: __________ Spayed/Neutered: __ Yes __ No Vaccinations: __ Yes __ No


Owner/Agent and Tenant(s) agree the above pet(s) are the only pet(s) allowed in the rental unit. Tenant(s) agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The pet(s) shall be on a leash or otherwise under Tenant(s) control when it is outside the rental unit.
  2. Pet(s) shall not cause any sort of nuisance or disturbance to the neighbors.
  3. Tenant(s) will immediately report to Owner/Agent any damage by pet to persons or property. Tenant(s) represent and warrant that pet(s) have not previously damaged persons or property.
  4. All pet waste must be removed from common areas immediately and from any portion of the property under the exclusive control of the tenant(s) promptly (at least weekly). No pet waste including cat litter box waste may be flushed down toilets.
  5. If Tenant(s) fails to properly clean up pet waste in any area, after written warning notice, Owner/Agent may assess a fee of $50 for the second violation, and $50 plus 5% of the rent amount for any subsequent violations for up to one year from the date of the initial warning notice.
  6. __ If checked, Tenant(s) must provide proof of liability insurance covering the pet(s) and shall make the Owner/Agent an Interested Party for purposes of notification in case of cancellation of policy or reduction of coverage.
  7. __ If checked, pets must be spayed or neutered and proof provided to Owner/Agent.
  8. __ If checked, pets must be vaccinated and proof provided to Owner/Agent.
  9. Visiting pets are not allowed without prior written permission of Owner/Agent.
  10. Tenant(s) may not replace a pet without written permission of Owner/Agent.
  11. Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement shall give the Owner/Agent the right to revoke permission to keep the pet(s).
  12. Owner/Agent may charge a non-compliance fee of $250 for the keeping of an unauthorized pet capable of causing damage. If after a written warning notice, the animal is not removed within 48 hours, or if there is a repeat violation after the service of a written warning notice for a previous violation within one year of the initial written warning, the Owner/Agent may impose an additional fee for each violation, with a maximum fee of $250 per violation.


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