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FORM #22 - Emergency Locations

  • Address:


Fire/Police/Emergency: Dial 911

Owner/Agent Emergency Number:

  • Police:
  • Sheriff:
  • State Police:
  • Building Security:
  • Water Department:
  • Sewer:
  • Electric Company:
  • Gas Company:


  • Electrical Panel:
  • Electrical Meter:
  • Common Area Electrical:
  • Water Heater Tanks (Shut off on TOP of each tank):
  • Main Water Shut Off:
  • Individual Water Shut Off (Most plumbing fixtures have both Cold and Hot Water Shut Offs at the BASE of the fixture):
  • Gas Meter Location:
  • Gas Shut Off:
  • Outside Water Faucet Shut Offs:
  • Common Area Light Control:
  • Telephone:
  • TV/Satellite Dish:
  • Miscellaneous Notes: _________________________________


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